Best Ferret Cages

By August 4, 2018Ferrets

Although ferrets need a lot of time outside of their cage, being given space to stretch the legs and to interact, it’s inevitable that they will spend a significant amount of time in a ferret cage. The best ferret cages have a certain range of key features that need to be looked out for to make them a suitable environment for your pet.

Of course, any cage will do up to a point, but spending a bit of extra time and money on the absolute best ferret cage design you can, will give your pet ferret a higher quality of life.

best-ferret-cagesIt’s important that a ferret cage is large, well-designed and safe. It may seem a simple decision to just by a big cage, but the best ferret cages are often not the obvious choices out there.

So let’s take a close look the group of ferret cages considered the best out there on the market at the moment, and explain exactly the strengths and weaknesses of each one, so you can make the best buying decision for your pet.

Buyers Guide: How to Pick the Best Ferret Cage

We’ve put together a list of some of the best ferret cages out there, and every single one offers great value for money, strong build quality, good design and practicality.

In doing so, and to give you an idea of what you should be looking for generally, we’ve put together a quick buyer’s guide to the key features you need to look out for to find the best cage for your pet needs.

  • Always go for the largest sized cage you can afford. The more space you have, the more flexibility you can build into entertaining your pet.
  • The best ferret cages usually have solid floors and platforms. Ferret cages with floors and platforms made from the same wire as the bars of the cage can be fine, but will obviously increase the risk of a limb falling through and getting broken. Also, it can be more stressful on the limbs of your pet ferret because they will have to grip the floor of the cage and move more slowly.
  • Solid ladders can often be better as well, although if the rest of the cage is solid then wire ladders can present an interesting variation and challenge that will keep your pet ferret agile.
  • A multilevel cage is best because it allows a greater range of activity and interest for your pet. However, the best ferret cages ensure that the design is such that a fall from the top platform will not be dangerous.
  • Look for a cage which can be adjusted where possible. This means platforms and ladders can be moved around to get the best fit your situation. If there are ramps, tunnels and hammocks included then this flexibility will obviously increase, giving you more options.

1. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Prevue Hendryx 485 Pet Products Feisty Ferret Home...
  • Spacious cage provides room for even the most energetic ferret
  • 2 Plastic Platforms, 3 Plastic Ramps, 1 Hammock, and Grille included
  • Large, hinged doors are escape-proof. Ramp Measurement(inches): 15 1/4 x 5 x 1/8


A very high-quality ferret cage from Prevue Hendryx is available in “Hammer black”, giving it a stylish and expensive look.

It’s one of the biggest cages out there, especially when you look at it in terms of the space-to-cost ratio. This roominess allows plenty of space for your pet ferret, no matter how energetic and enthusiastic they are.

Its dimensions mean that your ferret can jump, sprint and climb with ease. All of the platforms and included accessories can be removed and are easy to clean, giving you an easily maintainable environment.

In terms of negatives, the main one is that the floor of the cage is not solid, it is made from wire. So unless you are confident you will ferret will be fine on such a surface, then you will need a covering. This can be easily fixed by buying the cheap tiles you can get in general DIY stores.

Plenty of room for your ferret to move around
Locks and doors are guaranteed secure so that your pet is safe
There are three levels of ramps and platforms
Included sack inside the cage is provided for resting
Below the cage is an individual shelf where you can store toys, food and accessories
Wire cage bottom could limit activity unless it is covered
Some people report building this cage is not straightforward

2. Midwest Critter Nation Double Unit With Stand

MidWest Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit Small...
  • Full Width Double Doors Provide Maximum Accessibility for Easy Cleaning & Feeding
  • 1/2 " Horizontal Wire Spacing Allows Pets to Fulfill Their Instinct to Climb & Explore in Secure...
  • Wide Expanse Shelf & Full Width Plastic Pan Floor to Provide Maximum Play Area & Prevent Dangerous...


One of the leading brands out there, this Midwest Critter Nation ferret cage builds on the experience of an established company.

This model has options for single-story, or a double story home your pet. This makes it incredibly flexible, especially as it is also a full-width, double door cage, which makes access for feeding and cleaning far simpler.

Sturdy half-inch wiring makes this escape proof, even for the most determined rodent. Because it’s so thick horizontally, it acts as an all-round climbing platform for your pet, adding to the flexibility of this high-quality unit.

It’s not cheap, with the two-story model being about hundred dollars more than the single-story, but for that you are getting an incredibly large ferret cage, possibly too big for some homes, as it stands at over 5 feet tall, which is something to bear in mind.

Sturdy design and easy access
Large amount of flexibility in layout, with extra accessories available
Comes with two plastic pan floors
Incredibly easy to clean due to large doors
This ferret cage is huge so check dimensions before buying
Some people report quality control issues on unpacking

3. Kaytee My First Home Deluxe

Kaytee Multi-Level Habitat w/Removable Casters,...
  • Easy to clean deep scatterless base can be removed and replaced in a snap
  • Provide your small pet with a safe, creative multi-level environment in which to exercise and play
  • Includes safety ramps, spiral slide, hammock, FerreTrail Fun-nel, and 3 comfort shelves


If you’re looking for the best ferret cage for those wanting a first home for their first new pet, then the aptly named My First Home Deluxe from Kaytee is definitely one to consider.

Available in strong and vibrant purple, it’s sturdy plastic in design, and ideal for children looking to own that first ferret as a pet.

It comes with ramps and tunnels in bright green, adding to the striking look of this cage, which is different to many of the black metal cages out there. This play equipment will help to create an adventurous place to explore and is especially suitable for people who want to regularly vary environment they provide.

Something many manufacturers don’t include, but thankfully it’s in this model, is a deep plastic base that is virtually scatter proof, as well as being easy to clean.

Its assembly is very simple, with no tools being required, it snaps together with ease, making it suitable for almost anybody to construct.

One concern is the long-term durability of the internal plastic accessories, which could crack or break with relative ease if you are not careful.

Easy to assemble with no special tools required
Strong and vibrant look
Two plastic pan floors give a great play-space
Chew proof bars
The deep scatterproof base is a bonus
The spacing between the bars is one-inch, so this is not for smaller pets and would specifically only work for ferrets and larger animals

4. Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Cage

MidWest Deluxe Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret...
  • Double Unit w/stand and includes four pans, shelves and three ramps
  • New and improved removable shelves for easy cleaning
  • Full width double doors for easy access to your pet


As one of the leading brands out there, you’d expect a company like Midwest to produce high-quality ferret cage. Thankfully, the Deluxe Ferret Nation cage is everything you would expect.

It’s a full double level ferret habitat, with solid floor pans on both levels. In addition, it comes equipped with two shelves, again with solid floors, plus 3 sturdy plastic ramps in contrasting sky blue.

Both levels are completely accessible through to strong, full width and full height, metal doors. This allows the whole side of each layer of the cage to be accessed for cleaning and petting.

It’s easy assembly as well, requiring no tools to complete the job. Even a novice can get this operational in less than an hour.

On top of that, the ramp between the upper and lower levels can be separated, meaning that you can separate two ferrets if required.

Easy assembly even for a novice
High quality, sturdy metal components
Locking caster wheels
Leakproof, sturdy base pans
Shelf below the cage allows extra storage space
Not necessarily a con, but this cage is very large, so check the space you have available
Scatter guards may be required as trays are shallow

5. Three-level Animal Cage, Collapsible, Flexible

NEW 3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Rats...
  • Cage Size: 24"L x 16"W x 24"H, 3 Level Chew Free Wire Cage Body With Tight 1/2-Inch Bar Spacing For...
  • Two Front Doors, With Removable Wire Grated Floor; Eash Carry Handles
  • Slide out bottom Pan for easy cleaning


Coming in at the budget end of the market, this is a general-purpose or animal cage, with half inch gap between the bars, making it suitable for animals other than ferrets or chinchillas. It still large enough and flexible enough to be a great first home, or established home.

It’s 24 inches high and 24 inches wide, making it suitable to fit into smaller areas and home. Some ferret cages can stand 6 feet tall, so this is a far more practical cage for those people who don’t have available space.

The base pan can be pulled out and cleaned with ease. However, this is facilitated through the floor, ladders and platforms all being the same half inch gap metal bars that the outside of the cage is made from. This could be a problem for animals getting their feet stuck.

It’s also fully foldable, making it ideal for travel purposes, and potentially a great second cage to keep handy if you are needing extra housing space.

Strong and sturdy design
Easy slide out pan for cleaning
Folds flat for storage and travel
Very affordable
Could potentially require solid flooring to be placed above the bars
Small space will mean animals have to be let out more regularly to get exercise

6. Yaheetech 37/52” Ferret Cage

Yaheetech 37’’ Metal Ferret Cage Indoor Small...
  • 【Sturdy】The Ferret Cage has 4-layer structure Made of high quality steel wires with powder...
  • 【Design】4 Level with ramps provides enough space for pets to live and have fun.There are also...
  • 【Convenient】2 oversized front openings on the top and on the bottom allow for easy access to the...


Coming in two sizes, 37 inches high or 52 inches high, the Yaheetech ferret cage offers a lot of space for your pet.

It’s made of high-quality, powdered and coated steel wire which creates a sturdy environment to keep your pet safe in.

The cage is on four levels, a based tray and then three shelves, each connected by a ladder. On top of that, you also get a water bottle and feeder tray as well.

Set on sturdy, lockable caster wheels, this high-quality ferret cage is completed by two large 10 inch, easy access doors.

The only downside is that, in common with a lot of ferret cages out there that are otherwise incredibly high quality, the platforms and ladders, as well as the base of the cage, are also wire.

This increases the chances of your pet slipping through and having an accident, as well as not allowing them to move as freely. This can be rectified in several ways very cheaply however, and shouldn’t put you off, it’s the overall high quality and flexibility which is important.

This large cage is actually fully foldable for easy storage
Very flexible four-level system
Slide out based tray facilitates easy cleaning
An incredibly large cage the price
Wire floor might need some coverage to facilitate easier movement

7. Pawhut 52” Six Level Animal Cage

PawHut 52'' 6 Level Indoor Small Animal Cage Hutch...
  • MULTI-LEVEL CRITTER CAGE: Sturdy 6-level construction built from powder-coated metal and durable...
  • STARTER KIT: This starter kit includes shelves, ramps, an easy to clean slide-out tray, 250ml water...
  • PET-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Pet-friendly design won't pinch or provide gaps for paws to get caught on or...


Almost identical in design and size to the Yaheetech cage, even coming with identically shaped doors which gives the impression they source from the same place, this cage is more expensive and a step up from one available from Yaheetech.

It’s a step up because it’s a massive six level cage. Each of those levels is a solid plastic platform, so you avoid the problem of wire on each of the levels. The ramps going up to each level are also solid, rather than wire ladders.

Although the base of the cage is still made from wire, so that rubbish falls through into the easy to remove cleaning tray, it does mean less problems with restricted movement or feet getting trapped.

A sturdy design, very large in size, and the three large access doors to allow you to clean and interact at the top, center and bottom of the cage. This is an affordable cage with a lot to offer.

You get a lot of cage for your money
Easy to access at every level with oversized doors
Solid ramps and platforms are a good feature
Easy to remove cleaning tray
1 inch gap between outer bars mean that smaller animals can potentially escape

8. Go2Buy Three-Door Ferret Cage/Playpen

go2buy Metal 3 Doors Rats Rabbit Ferret Cage...
  • Bar Spacing: 2.3 cm / 0.9''
  • Dimension: 64 x 43 x 131 cm / 25.2 x 16.9 x 51.6'' (LxWxH)
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Pet toys can be placed or hung on the cage and platforms to satisfy the playful...


This spacious three-door ferret cage is large enough to truly be a playpen, being 52 inches high and containing six levels of platform.

It’s also 25 inches wide, giving it a huge range of space. When it comes in at the price tag it does, you really are onto a bargain.

It contains everything you need to set up a great environment for your pet ferret, with five sturdy plastic platforms, five ramps, a water bottle and feeding tray, and a litter box that slides out underneath for easy cleaning.

On the downside, the base grid is made from the same wire cage material as the outer sides, so if you feel your animal could get their feet trapped then it possible to put in a simple plastic or tile base. However, these are 1 inch apart so that only be large animals would suffer from this problem.

But overall this is a very large and adventurous ferret cage coming in at a very reasonable price point.

An intermediate level cage at an entry-level price
Large and spacious
Flexible platforms and ramps
Easy to remove and clean based tray
Three large doors at the top, middle and bottom for easy access
This may be too big for a small home environment

9. Yaheetech Six Level Large Ferret Habitat

Yaheetech 6 Level Large Ferret Cage and Habitats...
  • 【DURABLE & STURDY】The ferret cage is made from 0.51'' iron frame with 0.16'' and 0.1'' iron wire...
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL】Contains 5 shelves, 5 ramps, 1 slide-out tray, 8.5oz water bottle and plastic...
  • 【SAFE & SECURE】All three arched doors are secured with latches, keeping your pets safe in the...


This large Yaheetech ferret cage offers incredible space and flexibility, but not at a price that breaks the bank.

A whopping 52 inches tall and 25 inches wide, it will give you huge satisfaction at the space that your pet ferret has to exploring, making this truly one of the best ferret cages available in the price range.

On top of the overall space, it comes with five internal plastic platforms that can be clicked into place to create a six-level environment. Each platform is connected by a ramp, allowing your pet rapid and easy access to each level of their home.

The bottom of the cage is the same sturdy wire, and underneath that is an easy to remove debris tray that can be quickly emptied and cleaned. This does mean the bottom of the cage isn’t solid, and if you’re concerned about feet getting trapped between the bars, then it’s unlikely due to the one-inch width between the bars, but you could always put something like tiles down in parts of it to increase the durability.

Easy to move around using its four solid locking wheels, and with access coming through three large doors at the top, middle and bottom of the cage, this really is a very flexible design, at an incredibly affordable price.

Very large internal space for the money
High build quality
Easy to put together without any tools
Quick and easy cleaning and removal
Very flexible environment for your ferret
Some people report warped doors on arrival, but replacement is quick

10. Spacious Half-Inch Bar Spacing Collapsible Animal Cage

NEW 3 Levels 24"L x 16"W x 24"H Ferret Chinchilla...
  • 3 Level Chew Free Wire Cage Body With Tight 1/2 bar spacing for small animal, 1/2" Cross Bar Spacing...
  • Cage Size: 24" x 16" x 24"H, Two Front Doors, With Removable Wire Raise Grated Floor.
  • Slide out bottom Pan for easy cleaning


This three level ferret cage is an entry-level cage that is capable of creating a fantastic first home, or flexible second home for your pet ferret.

It’s fully collapsible, making it ideal as a backup, a home for when traveling, or when space is needed.

Within the cage there are two platforms and two wire ramps, giving you a three-level home that’s deceptively spacious. 24 is high and 24 inches wide, it creates a perfectly suitable environment for a single animal.

On the downside, completely made of wire, there are no fully flat surfaces, so you might wish to put something on the ramps example to allow your pet a flat surface.

The bottom pan is easy to slide out and clean, not requiring interference with your pet to achieve this.

Overall, this is a high quality, entry-level cage that is flexible, easy to put away, easy to clean and will form a superb home for your ferret is dumb.

Fully collapsible
Easy to clean design
Deceptively large home
Build quality not as high as more expensive models