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By May 18, 2018Hamsters

Hamsters are one of the best pets to own. These pocket pets may be small, but they have big hearts. The furry and cuddly hamsters are extremely popular pets for children because they are a lot of fun. Feeding your pet with the best hamster food will allow you to enjoy its company for a long time.

best-hamster-foodAs your relationship with your pet hamster deepens, you will like to prolong its life. These small rodents have a short lifespan of only about 2 years. You can extend their lifespan by feeding them with quality hamster food.

Hoarding food is one of the most interesting things hamsters love to do. As a matter of fact, hamster comes from the German term “hamstern” which means hoard. While eating, hamsters will form pouches on their cheeks to serve as storage spaces for food which they will eat later. These pouches often extend from their jaws all the way to their shoulders.

Hamster food should be similar to what they would most likely eat when in the wild. These would be some seeds and nuts as well as some fresh produce such as carrots, apples, and spinach.

Hamsters enjoy snacking the entire day. It is therefore important that you always have a ready supply. Here are six of the best hamster foods you can find that will excite your furry critters. These are loaded up with a lot of energy-boosting nutrients for their maximum health and nutrition so they can provide you with long-lasting fun:

Key Features
Contains omega-3 and probiotics to maintain a healthy brain, heart, and eye function as well as proper digestion
Complete and well-balanced diet to ensure proper growth and a strong immune system
Highly palatable and with texture that is easy to eat and digest
Fresh and all-natural without any artificial flavors and colors
Specially formulated and developed by an animal nutrition expert


Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Food is one of the best hamster foods your pet may need to get the proper nutrition to be healthy and happy. This hamster food comes in large pieces and is loaded with genuine antioxidants.

This diet is rich in protein from sunflower seeds, wheat, and corn grains which are what your hamster needs to maintain a healthy coat and skin and strengthen its immune system and for muscle development.  Yucca in the diet controls the odor of your hamster.

Effective in improving the hamster’s health and well-being
Probiotics and prebiotics promoting proper digestion
Wide variety of ingredients for the hamster’s eating pleasure
Available in crunchy and large pieces to promote dental care by stimulating natural chewing
Supplier has been around for over 100 years
Prone to fruit flies

2. Oxbow Animal Health Hamster Fortified Food

Key Features
All-natural food without artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives
Contains vitamins, minerals, and calcium
Includes Oxbow hays for enrichment and to stimulate foraging
Complete feed for proper nutrition, digestive function, weight, dental health, and overall quality of life
Does not include fruits high in sugar and seeds


Each bag of this Oxbow Animal Health Hamster Fortified Food contains 30 meals providing your hamster with everything it needs for a satisfying meal. Every piece of this hamster food contains barley, oats, and Timothy hay.

This high-energy food contains additional fiber that will clear any obstructions in your hamster’s digestive track to keep it perfectly healthy. This hamster food pellets provide a diversity of food nutrients. It is tasty and is fortified with minerals too.

Every bite of the Oxbow Animal Health Hamster Fortified Food cleans the hamster’s teeth. This is one of the best hamster foods since it’s low in sugar content, and eating too much of this will not cause tooth decay.

High fiber content
Low sugar content
Improves dental health
Improves quality of life of active pets
All-natural and without any artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives
Low in protein
Size of the food difficult to handle by dwarf hamsters

3. Kaytee Fiesta Hamster Food

Key Features
Contains fatty acids and DHA and omega-3 for brain and heart support as well as for enhancement of visual functions
Culinary delight
Nutrition-packed gourmet food
Loaded with high-quality seeds, fruits, nuts, and grains
Preserved naturally to maintain freshness


The Kaytee Fiesta hamster food is on this list of best hamster foods because of its nutritional blend of vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds. This hamster food is preserved naturally to maintain its freshness. It comes with a great mix of seeds and includes probiotics for digestive health to come up with a superb and nutritious snack for hamsters.

This hamster food includes a lot of essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, as well as assorted fruits and vegetables to provide a complete and nutritious meal for your little buddy. Kaytee has over 100 years of nutritional experience with pet food, so they know exactly what they’re doing when it come to hamster food.

The Kaytee Fiesta Hamster Food is a mix of all the best loved nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and pellets to come up with a culinary delight for your hamster making it one of the hamster favorite on the market.

Packed with fruits and vegetables which boost health and taste good
Supports dental health through natural chewing
Contains antioxidants to enhance the immune system
Also contains prebiotics and probiotics to boost the digestive system
Delectable taste loved by hamsters
Some pieces may be too big which could cause choking
Contains some additives and food coloring

4. Tiny Friends Farm Hazel Hamster Food

Key Features
Highly palatable with no sugar added
Complete and unique mix of nutritious food that boosts digestive health and dental health and stimulates foraging behavior
Rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein
Comes in various shapes, sizes, and textures to encourage the natural foraging urge
Various ingredients which include whole peanuts, sunflower seeds, and soya


The Tiny Friends Farm Hazel Hamster Food is a healthy and complete foraging food packed with a mix of nutritious ingredients for the overall well-being of your hamster. This hamster food is made at the Tiny Friends Farm in Suffolk, England, and guaranteed in the USA to be of high quality by Supreme Petfoods.

This nutritionally balanced hamster food is rich in protein. It is fortified with minerals and vitamins for the health of your hamster’s coat and skin as well as total well-being.

Comes with few fillers
Appropriate for all hamster breeds including dwarf hamsters
Delicious and nutritious
Nice variety of food making it extremely appealing to picky hamsters
First and only hamster food with official approval from the National Hamster Council in the UK
Large pieces may be a problem for dwarf hamsters

5. Vitakraft Vita Prima Dwarf Hamster Food

Key Features
High-diversity, nutritious, and complete diet
Immunity support from antioxidants
High in nutrient bioavailability for overall health
Fortified with calcium and vitamins A, D, and E
Zero sugar content


The Vitakraft Vita Prima Dwarf Hamster Food is a complete diet made especially for the smallest hamsters. This hamster diet is made with a delicious blend of vegetables, grains, and oats. It includes all the essential nutrients dwarf hamsters need to be healthy, energetic, and happy.

This complete and nutritious food holds a high protein content consisting of probiotics and prebiotics to keep the hamster’s coat and skin healthy as well as to boost their immune system.

Dwarf hamsters do not have the same nutritional needs as their bigger cousins; thus, the Vitakraft Vita Prima Dwarf Hamster Food is made especially for them. It’s a great hamster food for your dwarf hamster in any stage of its life. Also, this hamster food is made in the USA.

Comes in a resealable bag to maintain freshness
No sugar
Not too much junk food content
Great quality and price
Well-known brand
Pellets are on the smaller size

6. Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Hamster Mix

Key Features
Promotes immunity with a unique blend of protected probiotics
Promotes healthy digestion with flaked vegetables
Made with wholesome and real ingredients for total nutrition (oats, carrots, millet, sunflower seeds, peas, flaked beans, and others)
Food mix of sun-cured hay, dried mixed fruits, precooked legumes, flaked vegetables, and more especially for hamsters and gerbil
Does not contain artificial colors, flavorings, and preservatives


The Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Hamster Mix is fortified with omega 3 and DHA for eye and brain development. This gourmet food mix also includes minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and probiotics for immunity. Higgins has been producing high-quality food especially for hamsters, gerbil, and other small pets at affordable prices for over 45 years.

The Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Hamster Mix is a convenient food mix that is easy to feed especially to picky hamsters making it one of the top hamster foods.

Does not contain dyes, chemicals, or preservatives
Includes various ingredients
Great ingredient ratio and not loaded with fillers
Ingredients not containing too much dust
All-natural gourmet food mix
Too much probiotics or prebiotics which requires you to monitor the tolerance of your pet to these otherwise healthy bacteria
Does not contain enough protein

What do Hamsters Eat in Nature?

hamster-eating-in-natureHamsters are omnivore species. An omnivore animal is one that feeds on plants and other animals. A hamster’s diet in the wild depends on its habitat which is often in a dry place within a dessert. Just like humans who are also omnivores, hamsters thrive on a diet consisting of meat and vegetation.

Hamsters in the wild eat a mix of insects and plants. They thrive on leafy greens such as clover and dandelions. They also go for tasty vegetables such as cabbages, carrots, and pears. Wild hamsters also survive on a seed, grass, and grain diet.

Hamsters who are in the wild store their much-needed sustenance of food in their cheeks when moving around. Wild hamsters diligently look for food at night and bring them to their homes. They store food in their cheeks to ensure no one sees them.

Storing food is a common hamster behavior because of the survival of the fittest theory in the wild. Even when they become comfortable home pets, it is already in their nature to store food in their cheeks or hidden somewhere in their cage.

The best hamster food for your little pet is something that is similar to what it would eat when in the wild. It is important that your little pet has a similar diet to what its cousins in the wild have. This would include protein- and vegetable-packed treats.

How Much Should I Feed My Hamster?

As a responsible pet owner, it is a must that you feed your hamster well. Do not however think that you should feed your hamster more when you find its bowl empty. An empty bowl means two things: Your hamster ate some of the food and stored some of them.

On the average, a hamster can tolerate anywhere between one or two tablespoons of food per day. Anything in excess, they will place on storage.

Larger hamsters such as the Syrian hamster may feed more, and a dwarf hamster may require a lesser amount. But that is not always the case because dwarf hamsters have a faster metabolism, so they may just need the same amount of food as Syrian hamsters.

To be on the safe side, feed your pet with about one tablespoon of seed or pellet mixes of hamster food once a day along with some other treats such as a slice of apple, a small piece of cauliflower, or the same amount of some other treats. You can also feed your hamster some hard treats such as branches of fruit-bearing trees once a week.

The best time to feed your hamster its main meal is at night because they are nocturnal species (more active during the night). You can give them a few bits and pieces of food during the day because they usually wake up to eat some of their stored food. Hamsters enjoy snacking all day, so it is best to make sure they have enough food other than what they stored.

No matter how little you feed your hamster, it will always store a few of them. Syrian hamsters can store food equivalent to half of their body weight. Hamsters also need some fresh drinking water low in chlorine.

You should always be careful of the amount of food you feed your hamster. Hamsters are small creatures, and a diet with too much fruits and vegetables can make them develop diarrhea. You should avoid or limit giving them food high in sugar. Citrus fruits are a definite no for your pet hamster as they may also have an upset stomach.

Seed Hamster Food vs. Pelleted Hamster Food

Hamster food comes in two forms: seed mixes or pelleted blocks. Seed mixes though may also have some pellets.

If you opt to feed your hamsters seeds, they should be a mix of vegetables and dried foods for optimum nutrition. Most hamsters prefer seed mixes. With hamster seeds, you exactly see the flaked peas, sunflower seeds, etc. you are feeding your hammy.

Seed mixes provide a lot of variety. Aside from seeds, they also include grains, grasses, vegetables, and fruits. The problem with seed mixes though is that they allow hamsters to pick what they like to eat, and this can cause an imbalance in their nutritional needs.

Pellet blocks contain most of the nutrients your hamster needs to be healthy. However, many hamsters do not like pellet food. Pellets also do not allow your hamster to pick what to eat because they all have a similar taste and appearance. Pellet blocks also allow hamsters to chew food so they can maintain trimmed teeth.

In short, seed mixes provide more variety, while pellet blocks provide more nutrition.

Many hamster owners choose to feed their pets with a combination of seed mixes and pellet blocks. Doing so gives the hamster a completely nutritious diet that is more attractive and appealing. The seed and pellet forms of food combination are also often more palatable.

The pellet block type of food is considered by most hamster owners as the better type of hamster food. Your hamster will in most cases initially like the balance in nutrition. To keep them hooked to it, you can sprinkle some seed mixes as a special treat and to provide some variety.

Seed mixes or pellet blocks, the main objective of this  hamster food is it shouldn’t contain any preservatives, chemicals, orartificial coloring.

What Are Good Treats for Hamsters?

It won’t hurt to once in a while spoil your hamster by allowing them to have some treats.

Tasty treats make your hamster happy, and that contributes to its total well-being. There are a lot of hamster food treats on the market, and most of them contain a lot of sugar and come in flashy and bold packaging.

You can give your hamster a nice treat of a few meal worms or perhaps a small serving of hard-boiled eggs. Whatever it is, you avoid treats that are high in sugar such as chocolates, cookies, or cake. Avoid sticky or sharp food too. They may stick in their cheek pockets and cause damage.

Final Thoughts

As a responsible pet owner, you should always make sure to feed your hamster with hamster food that provides a balanced, healthy, and nutritious diet. The food should be fresh every day. Your hamster should also have enough fresh water. Not to be forgotten is a comfortable and clean cage.

The best hamster food combined with the best love and care will make your hamsters the happiest pet in the block.